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What does it take to balance life’s different aspects during teenage?

Teenage has been known to be the tougher time of life for many because it’s the time where one faces the most charges in their life ranging from physical to hormonal to mental changes hence we mustn’t forget that it takes a lot to balance life as a teenager. 


Support is something a teenager breathes on even though they may show a lack of interest in affection or family time it is the duty of their family to support them in every way from bearing their mood swings to supporting them in their passion. Many families tend to forget that most of life’s important choices are made during teenage and if adolescents are not supported in this time they might rebel or even if they conform they might regret it later in life. 

Mental stability! 

Mental stability is an essential key to balance in teenage life and it can be achieved by two important factors i.e. support and therapy. Hormonal changes mean a lot of mental breakdowns, mood swings and in severe cases depression, and this can be catered to by therapy which is yet to be normalized in our society. 

Will power! 

This might sound cliché but it’s kind of difficult to get through teenage without will power because this is the time that you mostly feel alone in your friend group or feel like you’re in a limbo between being a child and an adult which mean should need to be determined enough to get through anything and everything, a determined teenager is likely to be a determined adult. 

Healthy social interactions! 

Social interactions are not always healthy and this is necessary to know when you’re a teenager because you meet new types of people and it is essential to only befriend the ones that do not drain your energy to deviate you from your aspirations. 


As much as we all dread this studying is an important part of the life of a teenager, studying does not only mean that you become a doctor or an engineer when a teenager you should already know your path in life and choose your subjects according to that so that you enjoy learning.   

Balancing life as a teenager is crucial because this is the time you choose to make your dreams a reality through not just studies but following your passion.

By Rida Awan

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