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Ruler or Leader?

So who is a leader anyway? When people are asked to define a leader, they will usually refer to phrases like “the boss”, “the one who can lead from the front” and “the one who can manage everything properly.”  Little do they know that a leader is not only a person with desirable qualities and the ability to be an extrovert. I believe that every one of us has the spark to become a leader. In a society where democracy is greatly misused, and where injustice prevails, we cannot expect ourselves to be ruled by a REAL leader. Be it school elections or general elections. A real leader is seldom elected.

When we think about great leaders we often talk about WHAT they did more than HOW they did it. Now, at this point I ask you a simple question: Are we born leaders, or do we develop those traits over time? The answer to that can be a little tricky because if we look at the cliché, there is a certain misconception in our society which states that leaders are always born not created but I completely disagree with this often misleading statement. No one is by birth a leader. If that would’ve been the case then why did Nelson Mandela go through so many hardships to become a REAL leader? He was imprisoned for 27 long years because he didn’t give in to the authorities’ pressure but still he remained true to the idea. He believed and stood for a free country. The point is a REAL leader always has a long history of immense struggle and countless sacrifices.

By no means am I saying that the one who does not lose anything can never be a leader because I believe your determination and devotion is what makes you a true leader? Your strong vision is what makes you a true leader. Your ability to clearly identify the strategic goals of your community, take and fulfill the responsibility for setting the long-term plan for achieving these objectives is what makes you a true leader. Your ability to be open to criticism is what makes you a true leader. Your believability to lead a team, direct a business or make a sale is what makes you a true leader. Your good communication skills are what make you a good leader. Your ability to leave a long-lasting and fruitful impact on your followers is what makes you a true leader.

Remember! There is a huge difference between a ruler and a leader. A ruler is someone who gives orders but a leader is someone who stands by his fellows and bears the difficulties with them. He is someone who actually guides his followers on how to accomplish a certain task. That’s the difference between a ruler and a leader.

Currently, the world has numerous leaders, for the sake of saying, who just sit on their chairs and order us; unaware of the struggles we face. Should they be classified as a leader or a ruler? The decision is all yours.

By Noorish Khan

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