P: 03-11-11-CREDO (27336)
P: 03-11-11-CREDO (27336)


Credo; We believe

The word ‘Credo’ in Latin and in broader terms represents a system of principles that provide guidance; a statement of beliefs or aims which usher direction to people.

Statement of Conviction

Thus, Credo our college, established in 2017, where we believe;

and strive to create an environment where our students feel inspired, empowered and confident to achieve academic success,

in diversity and collaboration to make A Level education accessible to students from all walks-of-life,

in instilling students with academic discipline, personal development and the desire to evolve into lifelong learners and into responsible global citizens.

Founding Members

Rohail Ahmed

By the Grace of God, the journey at Credo has been most fulfilling and it had been a continuous learning process that’s based upon the very notion of imparting quality education for all; an education which is disciplined and meaningful for the students and which in time brings pride for their parents and for us. Our students are the future, together let’s mould them into fine learned individuals.

Murtaza Zai

We are living the dream we saw a few years ago. Together along with all stakeholders we made the dream come true. Without the fiery passion of Team Credo, it simply wouldn’t have been possible to achieve what we have managed in such a short time. But you know like Coelho said that if you’re passionate enough to pursue a goal then the universe will conspire in your favor. With these thoughts in mind, we would like to welcome our fifth academic year and may the odds ever be in favor of our students.

Shahab Yakoob

A sphere has no edges and scientifically it can be proven then you can never find an edge on a sphere. But metaphorically speaking, at Credo College we continuously strive to find an edge on the sphere that is we aim for perfection in everything that we say and do, and this way we improve by each passing day. Now all of this helps us to live up to the trust that the parents have bestowed upon us for their children, and to live up to the expectations of students and to see them succeed with a smile.

Message from the Dean & Director

Air Vice Marshal (R) Syed Razi-ul-Hasan Nawab (HI-M)

After having successfully contributed to Pakistan at the highest national and international levels in multiple fields, I realize that this is a give-back time to society through imparting quality education to the next generation. And Credo gives me that opportunity through a set of talented students, devoted faculty, and involved parents.

Remember, we will attempt to enrich our students to face the multiple situations they are likely to face in their lives ahead.

My advice to all would be to let go of your aims in our hands. Let the “Credo Team” contribute in empowering your child to become a better human being.