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P: 03-11-11-CREDO (27336)


There is a significant jump in difficulty from O to A Level and academic life can prove to quite challenging for students. This is where the comprehensive Counseling Department of Credo College comes into action, and by means of which diverse support is extended that not only improves the overall experience of students but it also ensures their person al growth and psychological well-being.

Academic Counselling

To cope with the intricacies of A Level, the academic advisors of Credo provide comprehensive counselling to students and parents that not only demystifies the intricacies of A Level but also lights up the way forward for students to exercise high academic discipline. At day’s end these efforts with the support and cooperation of parents go a long way in elevating a students’ academic status consistent with their life goals.

Career Counselling

Students have two years in A Level to navigate through a lot of information about a lot of career paths. The Credo counsellors assist students in making sense of it all and help building a bridge between their academic achievements and career objectives.

From selection of the right university to the preparation of aptitude test; from choosing the right major to the development of personal essay, the Career Counselling Department at Credo provides a one-window operation to the students, thereby ushering all-round satisfaction and memorable smiles.

Behavioural Counselling

As educators, we understand the academic pressure which prevails among students. We also understand and can connect with the often deeply rooted anxieties and fears that have to be faced in our society.

Teenage is one of the most vulnerable of ages and this is exactly the time when students want to be heard – and we hear them keenly at Credo, where our Behavioural Counselling Department looks after the emotional growth of students and helps them build up their perceptions for the formation of stable attitudes. Eventually, the rising maturity level of students will be able to sustain pressure and tackle future challenges of adulthood.

Emotional counselling efforts at Credo College include a wide range workshops highlighting sensitive and contemporary issues such as peer pressure, self-esteem, exam anxiety and accepting diversity.

University Placements

Since its inception in 2017, two outstanding batches have graduated from Credo College and have been placed in some of the leading universities of Pakistan and around the world.