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P: 03-11-11-CREDO (27336)



Built on the globally recognized and flexible curriculum of Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), a wide range of subjects are offered to students at Advance Subsidiary (AS or first year of A Level) and Advance Level (A2 or second and final year of A Level) that can help you secure your place at top universities around the world and in Pakistan through Credo College.

The academic blocks at Credo can be mixed realistically so as to accentuate career paths in commerce, engineering, medical and humanities.


  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Economics


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics


  • Art & Design
  • Media Studies
  • English Language
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Urdu

Tuition-free Strategy

In a nutshell, at Credo the student will simply not require any external assistance privately or at a center. Period.

Students have diverse learning styles and Credo provides them with a unique learning program which strengthens all the links between arriving at college and later engaging in self-study at home.

A Level is more than twice as tough as O Level, therefore a systematic self-study plan at home is crucial in completing A Level successfully e.g. four hours of focused self-study. Credo College provides a 360° counseling service to students with the support of parents, and that is able to ensure that students remain resilient and determined in overcoming academic obstacles.

  1. Structured classroom lectures by subject teachers.

  2. Reinforcement and practice classes by specially appointed Peer Tutors.

The mission of Credo is to let no student be left behind academically and for this very purpose students are regularly counseled and parents engaged for the larger betterment of students.

Examination System

The students of A Level and due to their age group, can be quite mercurial. At Credo, we know for a fact that these millennials are destined to achieve remarkable success in life if they are steered in the right direction.

This basic idea has been behind all the efforts at Credo College – to ensure that students genuinely enjoy all aspects of college life – be it the classroom lecture or the various interactions they experience daily.

Every teacher and every member of staff goes the extra mile to create an academic ambiance which reflects the inspirations and aspirations of this generation, and within the larger picture at Credo is the examination system entailing monthly subject tests and full-fledged mid-term and mock examinations on the exact pattern of CAIE.

Monthly Tests

First Fortnight

Mid-term Exams

Mid December

Mock Exams

Early April

CAIE Finals


Homework and Past papers

For each subject a student will periodically receive homework which is assigned with the objective of preparing students for the monthly test and subsequently the college and CAIE examinations.

One key performance indicator of a student’s success level is the solution of past papers both in college and at home. In college, mostly topical past papers are focused on i.e. upon completion of a topic, a relevant question from any one specific year of CAIE exams will be assigned to students. However, at home it is of absolute significance that students solve up to 15 years of past papers, and later get them checked by their teacher or associate teacher (self-checking will not be accurate).

Study Kits

The college provides academic resources to students such as subject notes, study guides and other comprehensive study material and that serve as a power pack for the gradual preparation for tests and examinations. The study kit as a whole is referred by the teachers and developed for both years of A Level.


As the CAIE finals approach, in the month of April and later in May, exclusive revision workshops are organized for all subjects in order to refresh the entire syllabi and complete the overall practice process. Additionally, these workshops prove to be beneficial to receive the final guidance and tips from the teachers.

Aptitude Test Preparation

Credo believes in providing a turn-key solution to students so that the transition from college to university is as smooth as possible.

On campus, aptitude test preparation classes are conducted for SAT, MCAT and ECAT by qualified trainers.


Commerce Faculty

Rohail Ahmed


Adeel Paperwala


Ammar Samana


Mustafa Saleem


Kamran Abdul Salam


Zeeshan Ansari


Asad Kothari


Sohail Ahmed


Murtaza Zai

Business & Economics

Asif Farooq


Anas Sheikh


Science & Mathematics Faculty

Saqib Alauddin

Physics & Chemistry

Mehboob Khan


Faizan Pasha


Kashan Rashid


Sher Ali Khatri


Shahab Yakoob


Raja Shafqat Hayat


Waqas Khan


Bilal Yaseen


Ali Aasher Naqvi


Faizan Mirza


Shahzadah Bandashah

Computer Science

Humanities Faculty

Fareeha Kanwal


Hafiz Suleman


Rubeena Shafiq

Art & Design

Khurram Rizvi

Sociology & Media Studies

Samiullah Pathan


Amna Ali