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Introverts Rule the World, How?

Introverts Rule the world…. It may seem like an absurd statement at first glance, but have we ever put some thought on how it is way truer than we would hope for it to be.

If we go through mankind’s history in detail, there are ample instances of people who have had a massive impact on the course of time that were Introverted. You have scientific and technological powerhouses such as Charles Darwin, Einstein, Newton, and, of our time, Elon Musk whose efforts have been, and still are, changing how the world moves forward, as well as many Extremely Influential Personalities such as Rosa Park, and Barrack Obama – the first African-American President – who are major figures against racial discrimination, Alongside even actors and authors -who most would expect to be least introverted given their work’s natures- such as Steven Spielberg and Dr. Suess.

Even though most people credit current rulers as those in control of the world, this point of view is heavily flawed when looking from an Actions and Effect basis. How world leaders faltered upon the absolute destruction caused by the atomic bombs, How mankind’s view on forces of nature was redefined in Physics, How the world became used to wireless communication and technology, as well as changed their morals and thinking for the better of humanity, are more than enough to have shown that it is not just the authorities who rule the world, however, it is the combined effort with people under them working tirelessly which allows them to hold their positions as a ruler, with them being entrusted to guide the people under them for good.

Seeing so many names and their impacts in front of us, it is impossible to not wonder how this came to be, especially for introverted people. It is highly likely that most, if not all, of these people’s endeavors, came to fruition through a One-Man army, or an exceptionally small team which they are comfortable with, such as Mark Zuckerberg’s and Bill Gates’ starting teams, instead of some large communicated plan consisting of many different individuals, as a person’s ability to handle and communicate with people is highly dependent on their nature. Another important fact is that introverts are usually more collected and prepared than others, due to them staying away from large gatherings and social interaction, thus inadvertently making time for themselves for reflection, improvement, and preparations, when compared to ambi- or extroverts. This heavily applies to the scientific and technological fields as individual excellence is an important factor for success in them. Thus, being able to define themselves, Introverts come out as diamonds of their ages and also come to show that individual efforts can have a similar impact in the world as a well communicated and planned one.

By Rehan ur Rehman

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