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P: 03-11-11-CREDO (27336)

Tuition-free Strategy

In a nutshell, at Credo the student will simply not require any external assistance privately or at a center. Period.

Students have diverse learning styles and Credo provides them with a unique three-layered learning program which strengthens all the links between arriving at college and later engaging in self-study at home1.

Structured classroom lectures by subject teachers.

Reinforcement and practice classes by specially appointed Associate Teachers.

Peer learning program where academically sound students provide assistance.

The mission of Credo is to let no student be left behind academically and for this very purpose students are regularly counseled and parents engaged for the larger betterment of students.

1A Level is more than twice as tough as O Level, therefore a systematic self-study plan at home is crucial in completing A Level successfully e.g. four hours of focused self-study. Credo College provides a 360° counseling service to students with the support of parents, and that is able to ensure that students remain resilient and determined in overcoming academic obstacles.