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P: 03-11-11-CREDO (27336)

Examination System

The students of A Level and due to their age group, can be quite mercurial. At Credo, we know for a fact that these millennials are destined to achieve remarkable success in life if they are steered in the right direction.

This basic idea has been behind all the efforts at Credo College – to ensure that students genuinely enjoy all aspects of college life – be it the classroom lecture or the various interactions they experience daily.

Every teacher and every member of staff goes the extra mile to create an academic ambiance which reflects the inspirations and aspirations of this generation, and within the larger picture at Credo is the examination system entailing monthly subject tests and full-fledged mid-term and mock examinations on the exact pattern of CAIE.

Monthly Tests

First fortnight

Mid-term Exams

Mid December

Mock Exams

Early April

CAIE Finals